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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
Neal, you've not done 'owt daft like accidentally mix pellets from 2 batches in the same tin have you - often a simple one to overlook.

The batch of AA I had a while ago read over 20fps higher than a later batch, later batch also were rubbish consistency and gave chrono readings all over the place.

Do a few chrono strings with weighed pellets to check the reg first.

Hope you get it sorted

Going to do some chrono tomorrow night, see what I get, but to get a POI shift of 1 mil-dot
at 35yds sounds to be a bit of a concern. Shot a 45yd target yesterday and the POI was 25yds!
Then back to normal on the next shot

Pellets are the same batch of JSB's that I have been using with the rifle for ages. It started to
perform well at the Emley Nationals round and was running really well, then took it to Basingstoke
and 16 clicks righ and 4 down at 15yds for some reason

Oh well, that's airgunning for you. Hopefully I can get it right in the very near future.

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