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I have a nightforce scope 2to10 times 32 objective lens i had to get it reparallaxed for airgun ranges. I am not the best mechanically and it is a 1600 pound scope. So i am lucky i have a Mr Dave penman in my club he found a spacer or coupling to fit around my objective lens then heated around the locking ring of the scope with a hair dryer. Then put the objective lens securely into a lathe were it was locked into position and also a hair dryer to heat around the locking ring. then turned the scope by hand anti clockwise to undo the locking ring when free you turn the objective lens or lens carriage out the way to reparalax the scope. when you have done this it will leave around 2mm space or so where the locking ring is situated.

I use my scope for HFT parallax is set for 30 yards as this is my zero as well wanted everything in the same plane.

Good luck reparallaxing it mate my scope set at the factory is 120 yards
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