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Default MPR blade

Originally Posted by vinny View Post
Yep, very nice sooo, the trigger guard can be changed to a rowan or standard aa rather than the odd original hft 500 one ....., dyer reckon I would get an advantage on the rowan trigger unit and blade ? Are the trigger grub screws closer to the pivot point than a standard ? Any idea ?
Thanks for your continued help
Hi Vinny,
I have taken the ball off and replaced with a standard Rowan MPR blade which fits to the exist Hft500 trigger post. This has less depth and allows you to move the trigger forward and closer to the pivot point. It ia also lighter than the ball and allows you to go to lighter trigger pressure spring and still return to stage one if you let off And back out of a shot. I also think that because the trigger finger is in more contact with the blade and not causing a point load on your trigger finger, it feels lighter even though it still requires the same physical pressure.
You can try mine on wed night.
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