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Originally Posted by KyleHampton View Post
Im not sure if ill be able to make it this year. Last years competition was one of the highlights of the year for me. My money is firmly on Brian this year. If i can sort out my dates ill try my hardest to attend to support the shoot and the HFT scores.
... be nice for you to be there Oh Bearded One. If you are shooting well and have a decent day you could definitely get well into the 30's HFT style.

Steve and Bob are shooting HFT well in the Midlands.

No one could bet against Bri but Neil has finished a close 2nd twice. If he has his LGU up and running by then it will be interesting to see how he and Nick go on with the Walthers in the custom stocks if they use them. Plenty other guys who are capable.

I agree with Rob ... if they are doing as expected they seem quite easy to shoot ... but the darn things throw a wobbler just when you don't want them to.

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