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Hey up

I know this event is much more than rifles, scopes and scores.

Seeing as you asked ...

The first year ( BRC ) I shot an old 77 in a FT stock with a 30/30 scope on 8x and shot HFT style. Didn't do very well.

Last year ( PJ:BRC ) I shot the same rifle in the same stock but with an old Custom Shop scope on 20x and shot sort of FT style. Didn't do very well.

This year, if I make it, and I will try me damnest, I can see me shooting the same as last year.

I thought the course would have suited the HFT guys last year. I know Kyle had been having a few probs with his rifle. If the course is similar and someone like Kyle has a good day I can see him squeezing closer to Bri and Co from the FT side.

Last two have been great days. Last year was special.

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