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Originally Posted by bnos44 View Post
First of all i have already got s410 .22,and i do want a springer to tinker with,have not done any shooting to speak of with the s410.taking which ever gun i settle for and pulling it to bits will be interesting to say the least hopefully enjoy it while am doing so.
If you want one to open up and tinker with then I'd stick with the 77/97 or TX.

The Walther is pretty much done inside ( degrease and regrease ). Triggers need setting up.

World of tinkering is your oyster with the 77/97 and the TX.

Like I said earlier ... if it's FT you end up shooting with it then you probably will end up wanting a custom stock and there are far more options out there for the 77/97 and TX, especially s/h.

I think Warren has started doing stocks for the Walther but they will be new and there may be a wait.
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