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[QUOTE=Damo1;185413]It's damo1
No one on the face of the earth can ever SPELL my name rite

Get it

Any way on a serious note have you chaps with brains the size of cities fixed the worlds power adjustment problems yet ?
Here's what I do
Arrive at shoot , let gun acclimatise , shoot at zero and further , convince myself the gun is crap and I'm mega , check power with crono ( read shoot crono ) , adjust power up/down to suit , miss loads of targets , remember I'm rubbish , put gun away , argue with ratinator ,go home read books on wizardry .

Did I fix it all ??

Magicians are in mho trying to be wizards ........[/QUOTE

LOL, Blimey thats complicated , I always convince myself that the clubs comp days shift the plinking range distances to mess with yah heed , always look for the flattened grass and suspicious holes in the area
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