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Angry hft 500 series trigger tune

Hi , anyone got any experience in sorting out these units, I appreciate they are sear identical to other 400/500 series rifles BUT the actual trigger has a sliding post adjuster that relies on being the same width as the trigger housing, mines a bit slack in their to say the least so therefore the trigger catches on the housing , aah, qa dont you love it , all the sears sit on shoulders built onto the housing side plates to stop any contact between each other, rather than the old units that had rubber o rings ,why AA didnt do that to the trigger contact points is beyond me , it would stop any greasebound sticking issues , grit migration etc
So my dilemma, polished everything,installed a set of very fine ptfe washers , that took the sideway slack out the trigger so it didnt catch on the housing, the break point is beeeootiful if the second stage is wound out but as soon as you want a second stage its sooo heavy , wound the tension spring out to the point where the sears just reset but its still not good at the second stage break point , I tried the old dremmel on changing sear contact point angles and length , just got worse , just gaining a bit of experience doing this .
Purchased a new set of sears and installed tested before a new polish and after , better after BUT again it seems like you have to have such a small amount of first stage travel to accomodate a suitable weight second stage, I have checked out so many vids and threads that dont cover second stage weight issues , tbh looks like it would be better if the first and second stage were closer to the pivot point ,
Any pointers appreciated .
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