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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post
Being late to this particular party...

Is that across the board or on a gun by gun basis, for instance as an FT shooter it is a pain to have an Air Arms rifle which has AT fitted as the power does vary depending on external temperature.

Now in my Steyr I didn't have AT and I could adjust the power to it's sweet spot in seconds, so how come only certain manufacturers are fitting this?
If Air Arms are offering to remove the AT when the rifle goes in for a service then great...
The manufacturer offering to remove AT was in fact Daystate.

You had to sign some form of "waiver" but I fail to see the reason for this as you and you only are responsible for the power of your rifle. It was on an individual basis.

Air Arms will not supply without AT fitted and along with others will also refit AT on serviced rifles. As for why only some manufacturers are fitting AT, I'm sorry but you'll have ask them.

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