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Hi Martin,

I don't follow the Neville Chamberlain school of appeasement

I do know that at the moment I am in the position of being legally responsible for something I have no control over. I find that position intolerable and resent being put in it.

When it was decided to fit AT (for whatever secret reason that we are not allowed to know) there was obviously no consideration for us the customer and the position we were being put in.
There is no allowance in law that gives you an excuse if AT is fitted. That has to be a must if this AT system has to have any value to the shooter. That doesn't and will never exist.

Given that the offence of an over power airgun is "Absolute" all that has to be proved in Court is that it can shoot over 12FPE. Skires Solicitor can dance the Hornpipe on one leg and it will make no difference if the fact that the gun shoots over is established. There is no requirement to establish mens rea (intent) so therefore no excuses are acceptable or allowable.

Maybe the Government will take a leaf out of the French book and double the limit.

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