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The posters who pop up now and again and just make a nonsensical comment ...

Should these be called 'Fruit Machines'?

We have a term for people who go on internet sites and deliberately wind people up ... they are called 'Trolls'.

These 'other' folk are not really Trolls as the posts aren't aggressive or deliberately opposite in view of others posting ... they are just nonsensical and pointless comments.

When you go to the pub there is often a Fruit Machine that sits in the corner of the pub. It's designed such that if no one pays it any attention, or feeds it money for a while, then it flashes it's lights and plays loud jingly music. The intention of the design is quite obviously to get people's attention so that someone may start to play the machine and feed it money.

It's an attention seeking ploy.

Does this sound familiar ... hence I think these folk should be called 'Fruit Machines'.

If in 6 months time, attention seekers on the net that have nothing really useful to post, are being called 'Fruit Machines' you heard it here first.
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