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Originally Posted by Andy006 View Post
Brian, and others. Why would AMTA keep it so secret? Why no discussion? It's hardly top secret national security matters. What is the problem with people knowing?
Well.. my (conspiracy) theory is that someone (a bogey man) has made a serious implied threat to the trade basically saying if you don't do something about all these PCP's that can be turned up to lethal power levels at the twist of an allen key then we're going to start enforcing the 'Capable' part of the law in a way you won't like very much.

They all shit themselves and hastily put in AT as cheaply as they thought they could get away with to cover their own arses and decided that if they told everyone the real reason they introduced AT was because a nasty man told them to, then they'd be pushed by Ray probably to name names and they don't want to do that in case the nasty man comes to the next meeting.

I could phone Terry and ask him.. but he'd probably make me promise not to say anything and then I'd have to stop coming up with theories on this thread which would ruin all my fun.
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