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Originally Posted by Andy006 View Post
Brian, and others. Why would AMTA keep it so secret? Why no discussion? It's hardly top secret national security matters. What is the problem with people knowing?

Ask why the cloak and daggers. Ask why they can never discuss it on their forum or mention it in the Airgun press. Just ask him. What possible problem could it bring if the airgunner, the customer knew the reasons?
Ask him why he agreed to meet a group of us at BASC HQ and tell us the real reasons as long as we signed a non disclosure agreement and never told a soul. Ask yourself what could be so secret to AMTA.

And that nice man you believe has a hell of a temper on him. Oh yes, a hell of a temper.

If you do ask him, I guarantee he will say you can't tell anyone on the forum.
Do you know Andy?
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