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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post

Personally, I'm an advocate of not trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist. At the moment my perception is that there are very very few prosecutions. If you get a response back from the DoJ saying otherwise then that would certainly sway opinion.

My concern is that if a change in law is required it will not be changed in our favour.

If a standard test was introduced, what would you suggest? What safeguards would you build into it to stop it being exploited? Is a standard test enough? Would it require an amendment to the Firearms Act for example to define 'Capable' and use Joules instead of FPE ?
Hi Brian,

Therein lies the problem, or not.
If there are so very few prosecutions it would indicate that there isn't a problem with over power airguns and therefore no requirement for AT.

If there was a change in law it doesn't mean that it would be for the worse. It may well be for the better. A clarification that makes it easier to understand and comply with would be of benefit to all. With the latest statement from the H.O. regarding semi-autos at sub 12FPE level it does look like they would at least listen.

Removal of the word "Capable" would leave the legislation with just the 12FPE limit. Similar if you like to speeding. The 30 limit and not "capable" of the 30 limit. Fairly straightforward and understandable.

As for the test. Sure it would require some thought and study but it's not beyond the wit of man. It's a fairly simple thing we are trying to achieve. When it was the "3 pellets" there were other requirements regarding the equipment used but we managed with our own. FPE/Joules matters not as long as we know what to measure. There are many, many standards that are tested against for lots of other purposes so I'm sure a relatively simple test could be sorted that we could all follow.

At the moment the manufacturers are "Barley" at the full expense of their customers.

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