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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Taking your example, consider this.

You're driving along a road at 35mph clearly breaking the unambiguous law.
On that road there are speed camera's every half a mile and you get caught by not one, but two speed camera's and get issued with two fixed penalty notices.

Have you broken the law once or twice?

When laws are written it's impossible to consider every possible edge case, that's why English law is structured the way it is. Statute and Precedence.
Funnily enough I do know an instance where someone went through three speed cameras all within a mile of each other when the cameras on Southend seafront first went in.
Apparently he could only get done for the first camera because of the timescale of going through the other two cameras within such a short time.

Regarding the issue with AT, there was an interesting piece on the radio today where it was suggested that the new way for governments to keep power and therefore order is through active disinformation, where the population ends up so confused and disorientated that they just keep with the regime in power.

Apparently Putin has used it to great effect in Russia and it would seem that other governments have observed and learned.

There are so many facets to the AT debacle that no one really knows exactly what is going on so it then stands to reason that you can't fight what is smoke and mirrors.

Having gone through the FB semi-auto ban after Hungerford and the the hand-gun ban after Dunblane it's obvious with what was proposed in Scotland and now this, that we are merely seeing the thin edge of a very wide wedge.
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