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Hi Brian,
I'm not in the least concerned as to whether AT is a money making scheme or not. I would spend what I think I need to on my rifles and enjoy doing it. I have spent (like others) far more than anything like AT would cost me

My concern is that we are being left high and dry by the actions of AMTA, with no explanation or assistance.

On the topic of a "Standard test" surely AMTA has to have their own, otherwise just what do they test the rifles to at the Birmingham test House when sent for AT compliance.
How do individual manufacturers test when they set the rifles prior to fitting AT to ensure compliance with the S.I.
If there is no "Standard test" it has to be impossible for them to do.

The problem with the airgun industry is it's all about the "Bogey man".

I have been told that "if we make a semi-auto air rifle the Home office will bring in legislation to ban it immediately". Daystate had a first class semi-auto years ago.
Strange that the bogey man Home office has said that there was never any intention for the semi-auto legislation to affect sub 12FPE semi-auto's Also there would be no prosecutions. O.K. a change of heart, but a massive one.
That's forgetting that the Home Office per se cannot bring in legislation or change it.

If I am going to be liable for something then at the very least I want to be able to influence the thing I am liable for.

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