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I'd be interested in those numbers if you ever get a reply.

I may be getting mixed up between standard test and standard test projectile.. I know they're not exactly the same thing, but they're close enough in that one is a step in the right direction toward the other.

He did drop the campaign all of a sudden though which is what I find most curious. You don't drop something like that after so long without a good reason and the reason he gave was that on speaking to someone in the know, a standard test projectile and or standard test procedure would run the risk of doing more harm than good.

That conversation must have been pretty convincing - no matter what you think of Terry (and we're not BFF's or anything, I've just had a few chats with him over the years)

That seems like the most plausible explanation to me (even if it is a bit on the old clandestine, cloak and dagger side of things).

The argument that AT is a money making scheme doesn't seem convincing to me.
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