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Have you considered that the reason why these things sound fair to you or why you don't see why they can't just do this or that is because you're not in possession of all the information?

I'm not either

Here's what I do know. Terry Doe was actively campaigning for many years to have a standard test using the same arguments that you're using now. (and they seem like very plausible arguments to me too - I'm not disagreeing with you).
I believe Terry to be a genuine bloke who has the interests of airgunners close to his heart.

'Something' happened that made him drop over 20 years of campaigning in a heartbeat.

Here's what I'm guessing...

An implied threat was made by an influential person in a position of power. It wasn't a threat made in writing but it was convincing enough to make someone who'd been campaigning for something for 20 years to STFU all of a sudden and then refuse to talk about it on an open forum.

I think Terry's a reasonable bloke and not knowing what he knows or being on the end of that implied threat, I can't know if his decision was reasonable or not - but I'm guessing that it probably was. No one gives up a 20 year crusade on a whim do they?

The argument that AT is a money making scheme by the manufacturers just doesn't make sense to me, so it's my guess that the AMTA was also privy to this same implied threat.

That ties up with what Bob's said as well.

So if I had to put money on what happened, that's where my bet would go.

Given my belief in what I think happened, to my mind it's probably not in the majority of shooters interests to push this, so that's my stance on it. Don't be in a hurry to jump out of the frying pan, you don't know what's waiting for you.
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