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Well there's a "leap of faith" Brian

Lets make legislation meaningless except at the point of delivery when we can make it mean anything we want it to.

There is absolutely no "woolliness" about a test procedure, it doesn't exist, and test houses will test anyway they wish. There is nothing defined in how you test an airgun. If we don't know how to test, however can we comply.

There are two stages when a decision is taken regarding prosecution. The Police can decide whether to put forward the case and the CPS can also decide on whether a prosecution proceeds. I don't think they need anymore decision points. It's not a case of the Police deciding who has an airgun and who doesn't, it's not their job.

We all have to comply with legislation. I know of no other area of legislation where you are prevented from complying yet are still responsible. Are we really saying that we'll let the powers that be (whoever that may be) decide on what the law is at the time. If we apply that across the board we really are in trouble.

I know of two cases where a prosecution was obtained. The first (as mentioned prior) was a bloke done for 12.45FPE on his AT fitted HW100. The second was in the Luton case where a "power" prosecution was obtained by the tester striping a non-removable bottle from the rifle and removing the return spring from the knock open firing valve.
In the first case it shows little regard that the rifle was only .45FPE over the limit, was fitted with AT and the owner was a responsible person, owning his own business and no previous convictions.
In the second case it demonstrates what lengths a tester can go to to ensure a rifle shoots over the limit because there is no standard test procedure.

Airgunners deserve much better than this and should never be put in a position where they are responsible for something they have no control over. We, mostly, are only too happy to comply with the law. Just give us the law we can comply with and the means to do so. Not a law and system that seemingly can be moved about at will.

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