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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Hi Martin,
It doesn't have to be.

At the moment we have everything you say plus the problem of the word "capable", they are all "capable" and therein lies the problem.

We have an operational tolerance on speeding limits and we all know speed kills. Doesn't stop ACPO from operating that tolerance though. 12FPE plus 10% seems reasonable. Bit like the speeding tolerance.

A standard simple test shouldn't be that hard, we're hardly talking about a weapon of mass destruction here.
It could be as simple as "the pellet found with the gun" and an obligation on us to ensure those pellets are available with the gun or something else would be used. I'm sure it would not be impossible to come up with a simple solution we can all operate.

The legislation pertaining to air rifles is just not fit for purpose (if it ever was). What's the problem with putting it right ?

Here's where I'm coming from Ray.

I do a lot of EMC testing for products and electrical products that I make, basically so we can ship world wide. So I have a good grasp on how difficult these tests can be and how hard they are to actually write. Each market has different requirements and each test lasts 3-7 days and costs just under 10K per product. I decide what we test (there are some basics) and I take the blame if something goes wrong, I also have to keep the records for 10yrs. So that is where my head is at, picking everything apart to find the "calculated" risk. Some of the tests are insane but if you want the kite mark that's what you have to do.

I agree with you, they are all capable and some are more difficult than others to make capable.

You also have a set of variables that are impossible to manage, so you'd have to set the gun up to 10.33 Pellets because somewhere in that test will be "is this product legal with all commercial available pellets" YES/NO

Please don't think I'm being obtuse, I just don't see how you'd ever get past that.
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