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I remember that Manufactures doing AT Sealing would choose a Standard Pellet
for their Tests and Set there Guns around 10FP

Aware many used Standard Air Arms - At time most easerily available

Being aware that other weights and designs could result in a Higher Reading

There was a Sub Committee where this was sorted - not much was brought back to meetings

Other that certian Makes & Models had failed proof house Testing

Capable and Ideal Central Test set of Pellets - Another Issue

As diferent pellets have different Effects in PCP than in Springers

Was aware of this issue as Associate of Pax - Who made pellets for World Market

Mostly where there was No Capable or Powr limits

Hugh Was approached many times and carried out many tests within his own testbeds with many different guns and Pellet Designs

Before selling on Pellet Division to H & N's - Germany

As Stated earlier there can Not be a standard pellet Set for Power Testing
As there are to many Variables - Gun Finishes - Barrel Lengths etc

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