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I think HW's benefit from a set back trigger blade too, even if you have normal size hands.

TX's are extremely easy to strip and set up, mine kept zero no matter what I did to it. The MK3 is a bit ploddy on the firing cycle, taking out the piston weight and replacing it with a delrin top hat is a cheap fix, I see that BAR do piston heads to shorten the stroke now too.

I have a HW97 now, can't honestly say its any better, its definitely no worse than a TX. it's harder to strip, especially for the first time... The trigger was nicer out of the box, even with the standard blade, and it's definitely snappier than the MK3 TX.

I shot a standard LGV in anger, and couldn't fault it, I'm sure the LGU is pretty awesome in standard trim too.

I don't think you'll regret any of the three, pick whichever one feels best, but remember you'll probably change everything about it over time.


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