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Originally Posted by skires View Post

So we have a FOI reply from the HO saying that they know of no involvement in the AT decision.

... and a guy who attended the meetings saying that the threat came from the HO, suggesting that something needed to be done to stop people easily upping the power of their guns or action would be taken re license etc.

I'm interpreting the FOI reply as ... the HO have no record on file of an official, documented request from the HO for something to be done.
What we have is a bloke who attended AMTA meetings.

If he attended the meeting where this threat was supposed to have been made he would know who from the Home Office made the threat and what that threat was.


do we have a bloke that attended an AMTA meeting where a report back was made about a threat ?

It's quite simple really. If the Home office person who made the threat is identified then the matter of the alleged incorrect reply to the FOI can be taken up.

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