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Default suits you sir

Always been a springer fan , in the days used a hw 35e , for hunting , webley vulcan, omega oh blimey showing me age, back on track , went for a tx 200, , apparently hold sensitive, yeah right, its a learning curve compared to pcp both got their attractions , couple of things to mention , the wh, s have grooves for the scope rail on the rear part of the action / breech , mmmmm , seems a bit odd if you have your scope split over both parts of the gun , cant see any benefit, tx 200 this has the action / breech much further back so your unlikely to have this issue and no scope rails on it tbh mate have a go of both and see what you feel better with , everyone said dont go carbine not sure about that , seen a really good fella have a few issues with a dodgy custom stock on a springer that cost him a year of problems on a tx , changed back to original sporter stock and went up 5 points , went to a HW 97 and has really gone up a notch , see what suits you , confidence in your kit is worth a fortune in effort , more to the point if you have confidence you enjoy it more , thats what its about
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