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im much like steve l , i get to practice twice a week i think we need to do the in-door hft every thursday like we used to , i think regular practice keeps you on top of your game for sure . the paper target comp which my self and derek came up with about two years ago has a hft stance training background to it which is good for any new members joining the club ,gets rid of any bad habits from the start , the way the comp works is there is five shots per stance the first three shots are taken @25yrds then the forth @20yrds fifth@15yrds al standing again the same for kneeling , the only differance is the prone ,all prone shots are taken from 25yrds but to get a fifty point card you got to get all five shots in a ten mm bull without breaking the line not easy i might add . any ways thats how the hawks do there thing week in week out including local hft events and our own club hft events .

cheers nick.
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