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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
... and you'd hope that most of the time the interests of trade and the interests of shooters are pretty much one in the same thing. I'm not sure it is in this case though.

What can we do about it though?

Don't buy from a manufacturer who fits AT and/or won't remove it before the sale.

At the very least if you want a gun from an AT company, then insist that the vendor tests the power and gives you written evidence of that power, before you hand over the money. If they won't do that then walk away. You still have the problem that it may sneak over. So I would also ask for, confirmed in writing, that if the gun goes over in warranty period then the gun can be returned to the shop, AT intact, and they will sort it out. Again, if not then walk away.

p.s. I don't know of any springers with AT fitted - there were some cases where the trigger block on the HW97 was very very difficult to remove recently, but I think that was more a quality control issue rather than an attempt at AT.

Blueing salts on some recent 97's caused the threads on the end block to sieze. Not AT.
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