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Hi Brian,
I take your point but not giving the correct info out could come back to bite you if your not careful. The question was asked and a reply given. That is by far more than manufacturers or AMTA have ever done.

If AMTA was "leaned on" then why not say. The BBS gave out the lead that this subject could in no way be discussed and other Boards at first agreed. The BBS only took that stance because of AMTA influence. It's a good thing that other Boards were more enlightened and let discussion take place.
To date not a single manufacturer has said why they fit AT. Daystate said they would remove it on request. Just what kind of system is that ? Either it has to be fitted, or not. Gives a lie to" we were leaned on".

Not a single manufacturer has said what action you should take to remain safe from prosecution if you find yourself in the position of having an over power gun. Given that they have placed you in this position are they not really obliged to tell you what you should do about it ?
There are rifles on the U.K. market, and have been for the last 7 years that do not have AT fitted. Nothing has befallen these manufacturers so where is the problem ?

It has been said that the fitting of AT costs the manufacturers, really. It's us that pay the cost.
I also find it strange that not a single airgun magazine has addressed this problem, why not ? Could it be that they all owe allegiance to AMTA ? Could we not have a series of "Bulmer removes the AT on *****" Would be worth a read
So many questions and all greeted with the sound of silence.

No AT being fitted to springers I do find strange. Especially those with barrels shorter than 30cm. Over 12FPE and your Section 5. With a PCP your still Section 1. Still what do I know.

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