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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post
This business with anti-tamper reminds me of the fun and games a few years ago with semi-auto air rifles after one manufacturer expressed an interest in making one.
From what I remember the threat was made that if a semi-auto air rifle was made then the home office would come down on the whole industry like a ton of bricks, so the idea was quietly forgotten.

Not that I'd want such a rifle but also I don't want some white collar idiot in Whitehall dictating what we can or can't have based on their assumptions.

It's interesting to note that those same "Whitehall Bullies", along with the CPS and ACPO recently issued a statement that there was never any intention for the semi-auto part of the legislation to prohibit sub 12FPE semi-auto's. There will also be no prosecutions for possession as long as under 12FPE. (Confirmed by BASC)

In my opinion, anti-tamper comes under exactly the same assumptions and is just bully boy tactics designed to force the industry to comply and is just the thin end of the wedge.

The Home Office have confirmed they had nothing to do with the fitting of AT. The manufactures did it all on their own

Anyone who is caught with a deliberately wound up gun deserves the full weight of the law on their heads, but by the same token, any responsible airgunner should have the facility to keep their rifles within the law and currently this is what is wrong in my opinion.

Maybe the next measure will be anti-tamper measures on cars to stop them going faster than 70mph as this is the legal top speed on roads in the UK, so why would manufacturers supply vehicles that can do double or even triple this limit.
It does make you wonder who is telling the porkies

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