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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
does look Good Chris, on your head I have ordered one !
Originally Posted by johnnyboy View Post
Me too........On your head Chris

Will see if it works on my Galaxy tab this weekend. I tried it on 2 Steyr's with air strippers fitted, MPR and a moderated HW100 with no problems at all.

A rather interesting side comment though is that there is a graph display in the software. I shot 40 shots with the HW100 and it showed a max deviation of just over 10fps with unweighed pellets and then i shot another 10 shots using weighed (smack on 8,44) and it showed a max deviation of 2,36fps. More testing this weekend and if i have time i will try and do screen grabs of the charts.

As Brian Samson and i have spoken about's not a true indication of down range deviation but none the less, a very handy tool for the money. As long as you don't have a poxy Apple product
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