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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I've met Terry several times and he always comes across as a decent bloke with a massive passion for airgunning.

I'm all for a conspiracy theory and I know folk have been banned from the BBS so passions run deep on this from all sides. The cloak and dagger invites suspicion but I really can't see what anyone really has to gain from simply not explaining all this, unless there is a reason for the candid approach?

Hence my guesswork in a previous post.

Bob was at the meetings and he's commented again to say that there was a threat and was quite specific in his last post that the threat was ... do something to stop people tampering with levels on UK guns or face action that would limit power. So my guessing may have some worth.
Why on earth should someone be banned from an airgun Board for discussing an airgun matter that directly affects the user ?

This reference to "we were leaned on by the Home Office" just does not cut it. Using the "Freedom of Information Act" the Home office was asked directly about AT and they said they had no involvement.

Just think about it. How could any Government Department initiate something that meant that a British Subject could not comply with laws passed by Parliament. It's total nonsense.

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