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The Law Stands if a Air Gun is running over Sub 12FP and not on Ticket it Should be withheld by Dealer and Notify the Police - They have a Fire Arm Off Ticket

Another issue not All RFD's are Fire Arms Approved

Aware this happened with a HW which was Destroyed - owner given choice of Day Court or Destruction
He opted for Destruction as worked in a Government Job where a Conviction could have lost him his Job

Aware Hull replaced his gun afterwards via another Dealer

Which He was promised @ time Gun was removed

As a Court Case could have taken many months - threatening his Job

As reported on several forums - If Police find or Suspect one overpowered Gun they will apply for All removal for Testing - Which can go on for months and often lead to Gun Damage
As mostly removed in paper bags

Recent case was a unregistered Gun Smith who was bringing in part's from overseas
Which got intercepted in Post
Followed up by a Warrented Raid on his property and every gun item removed

The Original Threat to Manufactures was that Current Air Gun are made for a World Market and different power levels

UK was advised unless they Sealed Guns - powers would be brought in to limit power
Which would have put most out of business - Retooling.

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