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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
You are responsible in law for the power of your rifle but when it's fitted with AT you cannot comply with the law, although still responsible.
I do agree with you and from a ďproductĒ design I can understand why itís there, even if itís a legal placebo but with "the reasoning" Iím just guessing and thereís enough of that on this thread.

Originally Posted by raygun View Post
If the manufacturers perceive a problem with the rifles they are selling doesn't that problem also apply to all the rifles they sold us prior to 2007. The law hasn't changed in this respect since 1969.
I guess as a business youíd have to make a call, they did, it happens.

Originally Posted by raygun View Post
As for returning rifles, you may just get that resolved within a Warranty period but outside of that we know there increasing difficulties in using any method of return for the private individual.
Have you tested this? Give them a call saying youíve bought a gun second hand and itís running at 13ft - that would give you answer.

Originally Posted by raygun View Post
If the reason for fitting AT is so simple there should not have been any problem telling us why.

Originally Posted by raygun View Post
They should also be telling us how we can return an AT fitted over power gun safe from prosecution but are apparently unable to.
If manufacturers behaved in this way in any other industry they would be out of business. Yes, in my view the customer is God. Without him you have nothing.
I donít know enough about how they go about testing and manufacturing guns to comment at length. I find it difficult to accept that they donít test every single gun because you could be shipping 1000ís of useless units and that clearly isnít happening.

I guess your ideal test case is this: Some purchases a brand new gun, itís still in the box, still sealed. Stopped by the Police, gun is tested and itís over - what happens?
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