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Default BlueShot chrono app

I saw this mentioned on the BBS and decided to give it a go as a mate had 2 Combro Mk4's sat doing nothing. What can i's brilliant. The combro is powered by my Samsung phone and auto re-sets after each shot. The cable is long enough so that you can shoot groups whilst HFT prone or FT sitting (actually long enough for standing, just) and the phone is recording every shot you take. particularly good if you're getting the odd flyer and want to see what the chrono reading was for that particular shot....superb for problem solving/helping. One of the combro's i have has a problem where the reading can't be swapped (stuck on PDS for some reason) but doesn't matter to the app.

Cables for most phones and work with the CB625 and the Alpha (connector dependant)

And no...i have no links at all to the company.
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