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Originally Posted by killen View Post
Never heard of the barrel length being important. I know that the overall length of a firearm is. Under 2ft and its a pistol. Add a bar to a 44 Magnum to increase its overall length and its a rifle and legal to own with an FAC.
Only if the barrel is over 30cm.

Prohibited weapons.
Section 5 (1) (aba)

any firearm which either has a barrel less than 30 centimetres in length or is less than 60 centimetres in length overall, other than an air weapon

"Other than an air weapon" refers to air weapons not subject to the Statutory Instrument and therefore not requiring a licence. Anything requiring a Section 1 Licence is subject to Section 5 (1) (aba).

If you have an air rifle with a barrel shorter than 30cm then if it goes over power it's a prohibited weapon.
If you have an air pistol and it goes over 6FPE then you have a prohibited weapon.

As a point of interest when people started producing the "Long barreled pistols" with the 30cm barrel and an extension fitted to the hand grip the Home office took it to Court and lost.


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