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Looking more and more like SMOOTH TWIST Barrels are useless for FT.
- 30yds it Groups
- 45 yds it Groups
- 55yds No grouping and odd shots (as much as 1 in 10) drops 75mm low.

Am hearing that the problem is .177 sub 12ft lbs and this seems to be the case.

Power consistency out of the barrel is brilliant. Mostly 778/9 fps with an occasional 786fps. (8.4 Exacts)
Tried JSP Express and another make of 8.4s and same results.

I have now seen this with two identical rifles.

Not sure what power is required to make these barrels work, but at 14lb ft (I believe) there is only a small improvement.

Looking for a 14mm dia 500mm long barrel blank now.
EV2 Mk3+Sightron SIII 10-50 x 60 LRIRMOA / Bushnell 8-32

Theoben Rapid 12 FAC

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