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Mine came to me as a used gun, The barrel was in a carbon one piece shroud which was floated through a modified figure 8 piece, so nothing was touching except the shroud/barrel contact.

I can't say if there's an improvement over the standard arrangement. I had some grouping issues a couple of weeks ago but it's hard to say what caused them as I just did everything I could think of to fix it, all at once . That included a thorough barrel clean, which I'm now thinking was the original issue.

BUT, if you look at the arrangement where the action block is pinned to a bar, which is pinned to a barrel support, which has an 'O' ring in it through which the barrel is held, something has surely got to move at sometime.

My gun now shoots raggedy groups at 55 yards, but then again, so do many standard form FTPs

Apologies for not being much help. Best advice I can offer from my limited knowledge of the FTP is, keep the barrel spotless.

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