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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Hi Vinny...i see that no-one else replied so i will...set a rifle at 780 with 8,44 gr JSB's and then try pellets of different weights to see whether the rifle goes over the top. If the plod seize your rifles and send them for testing the forensic testers can put any pellet through it they choose. If they slam a 12 gr heavy through it and it goes over then the owner is in the poo despite never having shot anything other than a 8,44 pellet and having AT just coudn't make it up.

Ah Rog....true story here.
My house is a terrace and some years ago a new neighbour moved in who seemed ok at first. It turned out he was an Inspector of some sorts within South Yorks Police.At the time my son was in his late teens and when the house was empty was playing music in his bedroom that the neighbour thought was too loud. i spoke with my neighbour and told my son to pack it in and even bought him a good set of headphones. problem solved or so i thought.....
A few weeks later i returned from the club and was taking my guns (in gunbags) out of the boot of the car and into the house. the neighbour came out and a quiet conversation ensued where he basically insinuated that he would use his position to have my rifles taken away for testing. I asked him him how that would be possible if no crime had been committed and he said that he would make a complaint that i had pointed a rifle at him from the garage. I used to chrono the rifles in the garage but with the door pulled down. Luckily i beat him to the punch and put my concerns in writing to the SYP chief constabale who personally called me to ask how i wanted to proceed with my complaint. As it was his word against mine i asked that the letter be placed on his file (i would also keep a copy) and that he be spoken to. He moved soon after.
I forgot to add - arsey rogue coppers notwithstanding
I bet it was you, up in the bedroom, jumping up and down on the bed with tennis racket in hand to Black Sabbath. Fess up Cundey
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