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I totally agree that it all stinks.

What helps with the rancidness of the odour is all the cloak and dagger stuff.

Maybe there is some secret reason why we can't be told that would result in us all shooting 3fp guns if they did tell us ... but that stinks of BS even more to me.

Like I mentioned above ... and like Greg says ... I'm sure it was Daystate ( TB ) that said that it was to reduce return issues within the warranty period.

I simply will not own a gun that I can't work on and set up myself. All my PCPs and springers have been stripped and fiddled with and set up to my liking.

I just cannot think of a sensible reason as to why the makers were forced into fitting AT ... but you can choose if you do it or not ... because it's not law ... and some makers don't fit it ... and some that do will remove it for you ... and not all guns tested, so guns leave factory WITH AT and are still over limit ... but it's the owners fault if it's over.

What a total load of b0ll0x ... and I have no reason to believe that it isn't b0ll0x until all this cloak and dagger cr@p goes away and someone explains what it's all about.
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