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Daystate (Tony Belas) said they "started out" on the anti-tamper route in 2001 because they thought they were getting an excessive amount of rifles being returned for Warranty work that wasn't justified. They then joined in with other manufacturers to develop an anti-tamper system.

I don't have any problem with this and would expect any manufacturer to address the problem. It's quite easily addressed by using anti-tamper stickers, which are widely used in manufacturing. It does not need blanking plugs, odd shaped screw heads or even funny handshakes.

It certainly does not need something that puts your customer in jeopardy of prosecution through no fault of his own.

I suspect the real truth of the matter is that they had ignored the legislation for years and then someone realised that they were in fact producing illegal rifles. The AT system, they think, is to protect themselves whilst nailing their customers to the cross.
I'd just like to point out that taking 6 years to develop such a system would be unacceptable for any manufacturer.

A much better reaction would be to get the legislation amended so all can comply.


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