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Originally Posted by Barry View Post
I've just done mine, although I didn't know AA offered it as an option.
Dead easy:

Remove action from stock.
Remove air stripper and forward part of shroud.
Remove A frame/Figure 8 barrel support. It's two pins and one C/S bolt into an aluminium rail that runs under the action, just tap the pins out with a drift.
Remove rearward part of shroud along with 'O' rings.

Refit air stripper and refit into stock. Re zero and Presto! Floated You'll lose the spirit level bar

Some folk remove the aluminium rail that links the action block to the barrel support figure 8. I haven't yet.
Have you had chance to see if it makes any difference?

I ask as I bought an FTP just before Christmas but only had chance to shoot for the first time last Sunday and I was very impressed by the accuracy straight out of the box as it were.
My only criticism so far is that the hamster extensions should be included as part of the kit, not offered as an option.
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