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I attended many of the early meeting - with Hugh Earl Pax Guns

It was under a threat - No sooner had they started work the person moved Departments

It was and is a Voluntary Code -

But Association stated that they would support Manufactures & Distributors to continue

Hugh Earl - Pax Guns went to Ministry who replied that it was Not a Legal requirement

So they stopped fitting it to their Phoenix Air Guns

As AT Seals costs them money when Gun needed to be serviced or repaired -

Was at meeting When Tony Belas - Daystates - advised that they would remove it if requested by customer

I have herd from Shooters and others in the Air Gun trade that many New Guns have been sent out overpowered

Thankfully many was discovered before Customers part with payment and Leave Shop

As I have posted many times that All Gun's Should be Tested / Chronoed before you pay for Air Gun

As once you leave the premises it becomes your problem -

As No manufacture Tests every Gun before sending it out
No company can be assured that Gun's will not exceed Sub 12 FP Limit

Was issues during AT being fitted when certian Manufactures had not had Chrono's checked
Which was given as a excuss that guns was set to high or low

Most Air Guns are Made for World Market Place - So are capable to be worked on so they will
exceed UK Sub 12FP limit

But that is the owners choice - Joys of the internet and shooters talking to overseas Shooters

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