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I agree Rich.

This is a good attitude but unfortunately we can't rely on meeting the "Informed" copper. I've shot with a few "Informed" coppers and found no problem. I also have come into contact with others that were just looking for a prosecution.

The legislation was never right in the first place and today is even more wrong. What I can't understand is the attitude of AMTA.

Shouldn't the way forward be to lobby, with the aid of BASC, AMTA and the rest of us for changes to the law that would make it workable. I voiced this to the sound of silence on the BBS (when I could ). There is no reason to change or up the limits as our sport is now comfortable with the 12FPE.
What is required is a change to the wording of the Statutory Instrument, removal of the strict liability offence and a standard test we can all easily comply with. None of which requires a change to Primary legislation.

Doing the Ostrich impersonation just will not get anyone anywhere.

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