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Default thanks for starting this thread

Originally Posted by Old slider View Post
Hi,remember me,all them pages ago,what was the question,
Oh yeah something about the anti tamper on a hw100!!!!

Thanks for the many hours of reading through something
I've already forgotten about😄

I remember now why I never done a law degree,now where did I put
The paracetamol 😄

Happy shooting,ian
just remember, the law states it is the owners responsibilty. i know of a person who visits my club who owns a HW100. He has had to send it back twice to bring the power down,as it crept upward. he took it back to the shop which he purchased it from. doing the decent thing? well if he had been stopped the police on the way there, he would have been in posession of a firearm. now what does the law state? the owner is responsible. AT will not stop someone determined to raise the power output, they will find out how and do it regardless. but those of us law abiding types, will use it to stay within the law.
i'm not perfect, but I shoot FT, reality is this is pretty much the same thing!
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