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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Ray, who is the AMTA made up of?
It's members of the airgun manufacturers and associated trades.
Representatives from Daystate, Air Arms, BSA, Archant Mags, as well as quite a few others who are either selling gun related stuff or making it. Members have changed over the years but essentially it could be anyone in the "Gun Trade". I also understand that the GTA (Gun Trade Association) "advise".

There used to be a BFTA member but if that's still correct I don't know. There was a BFTA member when the AT stuff was being discussed but I don't know who. He may not even have attended the meetings.

Terry Doe advised that AT started off in the Firearms Consultative Committee and that their 12th report tells us why AT was developed. Unfortunately it doesn't. The FCC was disbanded in Jan 2004 and all it's work ceased.

Strangely the AT appointed working group continued when all other work ceased. They did not even have anyone to report to. It's also debatable why the AT group was formed in the first place. Indication is that there was concern about high power air rifles (100FPE) being given the "Nod" for FAC without understanding how high the power could be. That was first raised by the Association of Scottish Chief Police Officers a couple of years earlier. Since Jan 2004 it looks like AT was highjacked for other purposes.

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