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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
Quote "Most on here have target shooting rifles running around the 775-785 mark...that means that if our rifles were taken and tested, every single one of us would be ready for 5 years inside (if the max penalty was given) absolute friggin' joke"

800 fps @ 8.44grains = legal limit , 785is 11.55 aint it ?

Brace for replies
Hi vinny,
The problem comes with the legislation. The Statutory Instrument states that an air rifle cannot be "Capable" of more than 12FPE. They are all capable. They are also all firearms. It's only the Statutory Instrument that allows us to have them without licence. Fitting AT does not make them any less capable.

To add to the problem there is no specified test and a test house can test anyway they wish as long as they follow their own procedure (whatever that is).

Absolutely nothing has changed in the legislation that could affect this (regardless of what anyone says). The S.I. was made operative in 1969 and has applied ever since. for over 35 years manufacturers supplied airguns that were capable. In 1997 they decided to protect themselves (how it does I don't know) by fitting AT. Problem is that not all manufacturers fit it and Daystate made a statement that if requested they would leave it off. The other side of that is that the holder of the gun, although responsible for the power can do nothing about it.

Our manufacturers are so good they even produce rifles that if going over power they become Section 5, and that does attract the 5 year mandatory sentence. They don't tell you that though


Mind you if you are a "Director" you could probably get some form of dispensation.
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