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You see, this is the problem if you rely on word-of-mouth to promote your product. It generally works in our little FT world, infact it travels faster between us than adverts in the monthly comics could possibly disimulate the info but if the word isn't a good one..............
The only way Daystate can convince us that the GP isn't a lemon is by a concerted effort at positive promotion, yet that's exactly what they're NOT doing!
At one stage during the year I had come to the conclusion that Daystate & AA had some kind of gentleman's agreement, 'You have FT & we'll take HFT!' but having seen so many AA products at the one HFT event I've attended I can only assume AA just sell more rifles!
It could be of course that although they haven't impacted on the FT competition circuit, the Clubs are choca-block with them & the South African fellas seem to be chuffed to bits with theirs! I would have thought though that as Britain is the epicentre for FT that they would have impacted here first & spread out to foreign parts.
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