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Originally Posted by Sam Vimes View Post
Daystate simply don't have the same reputation amongst FT shooters as they do amongst HFT shooters. So true since the change to electronics, We need reliable kit in wet weather, Daystare just don't provide it no matter how hard they try and sell it,FT shooters are not gullible.
The GP was Daystates first real attempt to produce something FT specific (I'm not really counting a half hearted MK3 in a big stock) for quite some time. The old CR-X and CR-97 were two of the very best FT specific rifles built,Shame they tryed to get clever with the electronics
Maybe they'll get round to sponsoring a lot of the better FT shots on the circuit and then just watch the popularity rise if the results go well. However, I suspect that AA have probably got all the best (that were available to sponsor) sewn up already. There is talk of a GP team for 2010 but as you say the best have been snapped up by AA, Didn't stop walther taking the manufactures title last year though
Looks like Daystate missed a trick with John Costello too. He was Daystate through and through at one point. I doubt that anyone could part him from his Steyr now.
So very true...
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