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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Thought I was being very objective.

Copper. Your rifles over power.
Me. Nowt to do with me Gov. It was made that way. It's not adjustable.
Copper. Your the one that's responsible in law.
Me. How can I be, I can't alter the power.

Magistrate. Fined 200, Rifle confiscated. Criminal Record.

I'm putting myself in the position of rifle owner who's responsible for it's power..
This rarely happens Ray and you know that. Plus the maker does everything within it's power to ensure it doesn't happen, that can be demonstrated in court of law. You can't reverse out of the problem that is a greater risk. Can you site one prosecuted case where this has happened or is it just pure supastition?

Originally Posted by raygun View Post

The "Company Directors" obligations haven't changed for the last 40 years. Neither have the airgunners. It's just that now we can't do anything about it.

They have, which is why I said you've not got any experience of producing commercial products. As a Company Director I choose which tests and the amount of testing needed to ship the product world wide. I'm where the buck stops. If I can not demonstrate that I have done everything within my power to test the product and comply with the laws in the interest of the consumer.

And that's why it's there Ray. You're way = lot's of proven and demonstrable risk, which you fail to acknowledge.
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