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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
I would guess that someone manufacturing anything would have as a prime requirement that their product complied with any legislation in the country it was being placed. For over 40 years (PCP's) air rifle manufacturers have placed their product on our market and expected us to buy it. The legislation pertaining to sub 12FPE air rifles has not changed in that 40 years. Many thousands of those air rifles made in the last 40 years are still out there.

I'll ask you the question again.

How does preventing anyone complying with the law protect them ?

All that's required of a manufacturer/RFD is that at the point of sale the air rifle must not be capable of more than 12FPE and it can be sold to a none licence holder. After that point it's the responsibility of the rifle holder.

Stop being so subjective and try to be more objective about it and then put yourself in the position of the company director.

Company Meeting
You: So we've fitted a grub screw that will allow people to select what power the rifle will shoot at.
Director: So someone could make our guns illegal with the turn of grub screw?
You: Yes
Director; You're Fired.
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