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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
I don't understand why we, the customer, should be put in a position where we cannot comply to the legislation.
The manufacturers managed to sell us PCP's rifles from the late 70's up to 1997 without any concern as to our, or others well being or whether they were legal or not. (the legislation hasn't changed)
Because you/we are not everybody and reasonable measures should be taken to protect "your" customers and the manufacturers future.

Plus you don't need a FAC Dealer licence to stock them so there's lots of business reasons as well, you just don't agree with it but you may if your livelihood and future depended on it. Making stuff in the UK is hard so why make it harder and risk your own future? It's not like they've made them impossible to reach is it?

Originally Posted by raygun View Post
The manufacturers have made no effort to explain why this action has been taken, neither do they advise what action you should take if you rifle does fall foul of the law. Why not?
Interestingly not all manufacturers fit AT anyway.
See above but they don't need to, it's obvious why it's there.
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